We take liberity in introducing ourselves as one of the leading trading & contraction company in qatar. Black Tiger Trading & Contracting is a part of Black Tiger Group to the market of fire fighting equipment & fire alarm system

We will be obliged to register our name in your business approval lists & sent us your inquiries on fire fighting equipments & fire alarm system. We are confident in contributing to the success of your projects.
We are hopeful & pleased to establish a professional co-operation.
Gas Detection
Emergency System
Security System
Fire Alarm
Fire Blanket
Fire Pump
Hose Reels
Fire Extinguishers
Black Tiger Trading & Contracting is a leading Company in modern fire fighting equipment and fire alarms. Our aim with a mission is to provide the best & finest quality in the market to raech the high potential level of output to our valued clients...
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Black Tiger is the sole agent in Qatar of Zeta Fire Alarm systems made by GLT exports. Zeta Alarm Systems, a trading name of GLT Exports Ltd, was founded in 1985 and is a privately held UK manufacturer of Fire alarm, Gas Detection and Emergerncy Systems...
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The Company supplies all types (fire extinguisher capacity of 1,2,6,9,12 kg and 25,50 kg, water / foam, powder, and carbondioxide extinguishers and hosereels, linen fire hoses and hydrants), FM200 systems, suppression systems, and fire...
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